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Field Tour: Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

Meeting Time: 10:00 am @ Lake Fort Smith State Park. RSVP ( and we will order you a sack lunch, bring: change of clothes, shoes, and layered clothing. We'll travel in our own vehicles leaving from Lake Fort Smith State Park after a brief introduction to visit each of the 4 restoration sites.

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Ft. Smith Waterworks is investing in floodplain restoration projects in the streams and rivers that feed Lake Fort Smith, the drinking water source for 220,000 people in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Utilizing mostly grant funding to implement these projects, the utility is working closely with private landowners to remedy land loss through erosion and reduce excess sedimentation from entering the drinking source.

Fort Smith Waterworks Restoration Sites

Jones Fork, 2021

Dept. of Ag. NRD funded, Partner: Crawford Co Rd. Dept. 6 days of construction.


Jones Fork, 2022

Downstream of site #1, Ft. Smith Waterworks project w/ 319 funds. 10 days of construction


Frog Bayou #1, 2023

1,350 linear feet, City Project, 319 funded.


Frog Bayou #2, 2017

1,700 linear feet, ARDOT & Nabholz construction, all rock donated.

Frog Bayou #3, Upcoming

2,500 linear feet.

Ft. Smith Waterworks is unique and resourceful in their approach, potting their own native tree seedlings, conducting short term and long term water quality monitoring, and fish population surveys to help inform their work. Partnering with local design/build construction companies, they have been able to design, acquire funding, and implement projects quickly with partnering landowners, county roads department, and the Arkansas Dept. of Agriculture's Non Point Source Pollution Program. Join us to learn more! RSVP:

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