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Healthy Trees, Healthy Streams

In 2023, the Collaborative has developed an exciting project.  Several members/partners will work together to grow high quality, healthy potted trees from bare root seedlings.  These trees will then be donated to projects across the state where they will be planted along the banks of rivers and lakes that provide critical drinking water to local residents. 


This pilot project will be working with representatives from the Arkansas Dept of Agriculture's Urban Forestry Program, Baucum Nursery, the Conway Tree Board, Conway Corporation, Central Arkansas Water, and Beaver Water District.  Not only will we be making high quality, locally sourced trees available for landowners to plant along critical creeks, rivers, and lakes, but we will also be providing assistance in prepping the site and planting.  Thank you to Central Arkansas Water, Beaver Water District, and Conway Corporation for providing the sites for these trees to live and be cared for during the next year.  


This project will help to remove some of the barriers present to those who are wanting to restore or stabilize healthy roots along critical waterways.  Sometimes this effort can be preventative and even restorative to minimize erosion and loss of land.  This prevents neighboring downstream landowners from having to deal with upstream sources of erosion and sediment on their own properties.  It also prevents having to remove and treat high amounts of accumulated sediment at the water intakes of downstream water utilities.  If your organization would like to join in this important state wide project, email us below for more details!

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