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Joy Wasson
Commits to bring on new members, brainstorm projects, & volunteer when able.Steering Committee

Thank you all for such a productive meeting on Tuesday. Click below for full meeting minutes. Here is a summary of next steps:

Next Steps/Follow up:

· Website/Member communication:

o All members are asked to sign up for the private membership page on the AFDWC website. Click “join” to setup an account. Updates will be posted here reducing the number of emails sent to members. This platform also provides the opportunity for group discussion and sharing of information.

o Steering Committee members are asked to sign up for the private steering committee page. The first time you access this page you will click “request to join”.

o When visiting the website in the future, members will simply “login” in the top right corner of the website to access these pages, the updates, and the discussions taking place.

o Joy will add a list of prioritized 10-digit HUC’s to the Priority map section of the “About” page on the website.

· Meetings:

o The group would like to find a way to connect and there is interest in pursuing a spring forum. We need your help. Please reach out to Joy if you can offer assistance with the development of a forum for 2022.

· Outreach:

o Please reach out ( if your agency/organization has projects to highlight. The collaborative will be compiling virtual tours for the website, presentations, and other outreach opportunities. (including drone footage, pictures, video, interviews with landowners and project managers, etc )

o AFDWC prioritization layers will be sent to the The Source Water Collaborative to update their website with these focal areas. The AFDWC will still be shown as a statewide program, but also reflect focal areas.

· 2022 Collaborative Project

o Joy will draft a proposed scope of work and budget for partner review.

o Partners will provide review and feedback.

o Joy will incorporate edits and work with partners to approach local sources for match, submit for funding to multiple sources.

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